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The Grief Club

'Life After Life'

with Melody Beattie and April Claxton

Recently, Bestselling Author and Screenplay Writer, Melody Beattie ("Codependent No More") asked me to write an article for her website, The Grief Club. She wanted me to discuss my experiences as a Psychic Medium. It was important to highlight that a reading with a true Medium is a healthy part of the grief process. I wrote the article entitled, “Life After Life” and Melody added an introduction.

I have worked with Melody personally in regards to her own grief process after losing her son, Shane. I encourage you to read this delicate article that Melody and I have created. May it assist you in your own grief process and may you know that you are not alone in how you feel. Welcome to The Grief Club, where you discover that life

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Melody Beattie

About two years after my son's death, I began to experience an overwhelming urge for us to reconnect. I had lost many people before to the experience I used to call death. But when Aunt Milly or Uncle Henry died, the reviewal, funeral and reception ended, and I went home -- frankly I didn't care where the dead people were. In the ground? Okay. Fine. But when my son transitioned at age twelve, that experience was an entirely different issue. I wanted to know where my child was, if he was alive, and okay. This wasn't just any death. A piece of my heart -- a big chunk -- was gone.

I wanted to get a reading with a medium called George Anderson, as he was being interrogated and checked out by various reputable network television programs and found not to be a charlatan, but instead an amazingly accurate, unique connection to the portal I've come to know as the other side. Even the journalist in me became satisfied that this man -- and certain other people's ability to connect with people on the other side -- was factual, valid, real. It wasn't a product of my imagination, something I conjured because I needed to connect with my son Shane.

Recently I met April. After being a guest on her show, I felt that familiar nudge within. I fought it at first because unlike the person I was when my son first transitioned, I now knew that Life after Life isn't imagined. It's real.

In the years to come, I had gradually learned to peek through this portal on my own. Like many people, out of embarrassment and not wanting to be judged I kept it to myself, but also like the boy in the movie The Sixth Sense, I can hear, feel, and occasionally see dead people now.

Just as legitimate gatekeepers to the other side exist, so do charlatans and people out to make a buck -- people happy to tell us what they think we want to hear. Buyer beware. Signs to watch for are a Medium suggesting that you come back, that negative energy is surrounding you but for an extra sum (usually an increasingly large one) they can dispense with that, or the intuitive hinting or outright saying that we're supposed to give them (the Mediums) gifts, money, material things beyond the original contract for services.

Don't let your vulnerability or your desire to reconnect set you up to be used. If something feels wrong, it likely is. If the person digs for information, or insists that events are accurate that aren't, beware. We are often extraordinarily vulnerable after a loss. Make sure that the Intuitive you visit is legitimate and the things you're told are what they really hear from your loved one.

Grief, as I discuss it in my book The Grief Club, isn't wasted or useless time. If we let it, it can be the beginning of and the trigger for what April Claxton (who I vouch for one hundred percent) calls The Movement Within. I've been friends with, met, and been read by many intuitive people not just since my son's death, but over the course of my life. The accuracy and abilities April demonstrated when she read me are unquestionably in the top one percent.

If you've lost someone you love, or if you're seeking guidance and can't seem to connect with it on your own, consider visiting April's website. If -- and only if it feels right to you -- give her a try. Like me, you may discover you've just met a gatekeeper to the other side and a loving and lovely human being whose number one priority is to serve.

Now, meet April as she discusses in response to my request for an article, what she knows to be true not about Life after Death, but about ...   



April Claxton 

We are born and begin a journey full of experiences, goals, loves and loss. We make decisions during our lifetime, during this course of navigating our path through this amazing opportunity called life. There are ups and downs. Sometimes the downs pull us, shake us in directions we don't want to go. They challenge our abilities to feel, think, understand and continue to function, sometimes to even want to continue to function and go forward with life as we discover some of the harsher realities such as Life Isn't Always Fair.

One of these “downs” is experienced when we go through loss: loss of a loved one, pet, friend, or acquaintance. We awake each day and live our lives with this person have been changed in a want we didn't envision or anticipate -- or want. This person we love and counted on is no longer to be part of our plans and experiences. We never imagine that one day this person will go away. Then, this day comes and they're gone.

Or are they?

When death knocks the wind out of us because someone's body is gone, the soul continues. Life continues. How do I know? Because I do. I am April Claxton, a Medium, Intuitive Life Coach, and Inspirational Speaker who promotes and believes in “The Movement Within.” Through my abilities and working with my clients, I have discovered things that have no explanation other than the fact that there is a continuation of life after we take our last breath. There truly is “The Other Side” and it is good. It's real, beautiful, and it is life.

Our loved ones want us to discover this in part to validate the soul’s journey and its continuation through the experience we call Life. Through my abilities, others experience a level of healing that opens up a whole new reality. I hold the space as a Channel for those who seek answers, hope, and the strength to survive and thrive. My goal to help lift Humanity, one heart at a time.

This is now my life’s purpose and mission. I believe in the importance, process and beauty of life through the individuality, ability, and necessity of Humanity; You. Through my Readings, many discover how healthy it is to contact their loved ones who have crossed over, along with or through their Guides and Angels. The Readings empower, bring hope, validate. They help people believe in themselves, their existence, their path, and that there truly is more than Life after Death. There's Life after Life.

The need to connect with a lost loved one through a Medium or an Intuitive Reading is a valid stage of grief and a critical part of healing from loss. These Readings consist of messages which come from your Angels, Guides, and loved ones who have transitioned. I have used the term, “died” but I have been corrected when I did. “They” prefer to use the term, “Transitioned” because that word more accurately describes what the experience many call death actually is -- a transition from one place to another.

The soul doesn't die or disintegrate, like old broken glass. It continues. Personalities remain the same for they continue too. Loved ones come through in a way that validate who they are in a way that we can understand, in a way that speaks to us.. All messages have one underlying theme that is filled with love, “I am here, I'm okay, and I'm still alive." Most Beings will deliver details about situations, their physical appearances, a scar, a memory or a special message I have no way of knowing you understand, and that validate who they are -- that they are who they say, I have experienced tears, laughter, moments of the transition itself, apologies- all to promote the continuation of and hope within your own life. These messages or readings come through me, not of or from me.

Mediumship is a normal and healthy process that deserves honor and respect. /a unique healing is facilitated and takes place. Closure, surrender, or acceptance can now take place in a beautiful and natural way. We are each Spiritual Beings of Light within our own perfect existence. Mediumship promotes this to show that there is life after life, an actuality that becomes a reality rather than a thought, feeling, or idea we imagine. We exist. We continue. We are all connected through each other no matter if we are still here on Earth or come through from another level of life existence. We are. There is. And there always will be. Life after life is real, not only for those who transition, but for those who are still alive here on Earth.

The right Medium, a true Medium, is one who believes in the power, beauty, and uninterrupted continuity of life. They use their abilities to promote and encourage your life, to help you, and to bring love, listen and guide. They do not and should not use their abilities for the primary reason of financial gain. They allow themselves to be used as an instrument of peace, love, guidance and healing for Humanity. They are confident for they know that they are being used by non-physical beings of Love and Light for this purpose, and this purpose alone. I am grateful every day that I am still here to be able to do this for others. It has brought healing to me and my family concerning several losses, including my grandmother's suicide.

Finding the Right Medium for You: Someone You can Trust:

I suggest that you research the Medium prior to using him/ her. A good Medium is normally referred to you through someone else who has used them and found their messages to be not only meaningful, but accurate and true. Trust your inner response. Allow yourself to be guided to where you are supposed to b led. Your loved ones may be -- and may have been for a while -- trying to get your attention and make contact with you. Your loved ones, Guides and Angels know you better than anyone else. You can trust Them and the process you're in -- The Movement Within.

Trust yourself, Believe that your life has been touched by this person who has transitioned and further, that there's an important purpose for that. . Whether the transitioned person was a friend, lover, partner, parent, child, grandparent, sibling, cousin, aunt, uncle, neighbor or other relative, please know that they still are this to you. The relationship still exists; it is. Just as you have been touched by them, they were also touched by you. You helped shape their lives. Through a true Medium, your loved ones will come through to continue to touch and guide you. They are supposed to. It is meant to be this way. There is never a disconnect of life. There is only continuation and evolution. You have experienced life through them as they have through you. This doesn’t change. It can't. There is life after life, within them and within you.

Love and blessings to all of you. May you continue to learn, love, understand, and grow. May you continue to discover the true gift of life within yourself. You will be guided and you will feel love. Be open to all life still has in store for you. Healing takes time. Allow yourself the time you need to heal. Time is truly on your side. So is a true Medium and Intuitive. Remember, there is life after life. We are all a part of this process together. There are never wrong choices or mistakes, only lessons that promote growth within

In Truth, Love, and Light Always,

April Claxton