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Welcome to the Posse!

Providing Answers.

Changing Lives.

“Prayer is talking to God. Meditation

is letting God talk to you." Yogi Bhajan

"It is so wonderful to know that there are people out there encouraging others to get to know their spiritual selves. I am so happy to have access to tools that I can share with my 11 year old daughter. Thank you for your appreciation, blessings and love."

Yvette G., NJ

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"Whatever your known is, that is you. Whatever

your unknown is, that is God." Yogi Bhajan

 Do you have a request for a specific type of meditation?

Is there something you would like to hear

that could help you?

Please email us at

[email protected]

We will do what we can to bring you the tools

that will help you Move (or relax) inside!

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