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Welcome to the Posse!

Providing Answers.

Changing Lives.

When you use your Dowsing Rods as much as Selena and April Roane use theirs, you will understand how necessary it is to use Dowsing Rods that connect with your personal energy. Divinely Guided Dowsing Rods are uniquely yours and yours alone! 

- No two pair are alike

- Each pair are Saged & Blessed

- They come in 3 sizes: 18" | 12" | 6"

- Each set stands for something personal and is spiritually unique

- Rods can be used as a trigger object while communicating with Spirit

Shipping and Handling is included in all prices 

*** Mini's and Mini Me Rods are carefully handmade using basic beads and charms due to the lower price. Should you want additional decor please let us know and we will update you with the new price! Crystals, Semi-precious Stones, Larger Charms are not included in the $10 price.  

Selena and April Roane enjoy creating beautifully sacred and unique Dowsing Rods. April, a psychic medium who actively works within the paranormal arena, prefers using her Dowsing Rods when she is working on site. They are important to her and valuable in what she does. 

Their thoughts? How can Dowsing Rods become more individual... and, well... prettier!? Can we please have a little more bling!?!?... Or maybe just a little more character? Selena also would like to have a more unique variety of Dowsing Rods that are more masculine in personality. Together they are Divinely Guided to create Dowsing Rods that are unique to you.