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Welcome to the Posse!

Providing Answers.

Changing Lives.

Braxton Roane is the founder and lead investigator of FEAR Paranormal Society in Texas, Oklahoma and Florida. He is co-host alongside his wife, April Roane on ‘Infinite Spirit Radio’ on DTM Wicked Radio (Tuesdays 7pm EST). Roane is also a horror model with and has worked with many well known photographers in the industry. 

His first introduction to the paranormal happened when he was very young. He began having premonition type dreams, which continued through his adulthood. As he grew older, some of these dreams were suppressed subconsciously. His interest grew when he lost his mother in 2004 as he wanted to learn how to contact her. He began to attend public events and investigations and learn from others to gain more knowledge about the paranormal.  

Braxton is also a frequent speaker at paranormal events and has appeared in the documentary ‘Shadows on 66’. In 2013 he had the privilege of working with Brad and Barry Klinge, and Chip Coffey on the documentary Shadows on 66 featuring the Galena Murder Bordello.  

Braxton has also investigated many historical haunted places, such as, The Villisca Axe Murder House, The Stanley Hotel, Gulfstream Hotel, The Beauvior, Antiques Uniques and Collectibles, Duff Green Mansion, The Belvoir Winery, Tombstone, Waverly Hills, Sloss Furnaces, Old Tampa Theater, Gulfstream Hotel, The Paine House, Bonnie and Clyde Ambush Museum, Butterworth Mortuary and others.

He also learned that he had empathic abilities that he had been blocking for several years. Once he embraced this, he began to research and educate himself on what it meant for him personally as well as what it meant for his in the field. Braxton and April provide lectures on Empathy and provide workshops and classes. Both work with Spirit and channel, provide readings and communicate with The Other Side. 

Braxton continues to research and learn from others, and strives to get answers to the questions he has had for many years.