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Welcome to the Posse!

Providing Answers.

Changing Lives.

April has been called "a gatekeeper to the other side whose top priority is to serve" by New York Times bestselling author, Melody Beattie. She's been featured on CBS Radio, BIO Channel, A&E, and The Best People We Know Radio.

April is a valued psychic medium, paranormal intuitive, writer, lecturer and Intuitive Counselor. She currently works with individuals, families, organizations and groups world wide. She is well known for her work with Empathy and her Love Your Inner Empath workbook and workshops.

She is an inspirational teacher/ speaker who has presented lectures, seminars, workshops and classes throughout North America and often works with adults and children dealing with abuse and addictions. April has also written an award-winning children's book, Goodnight Just The Same

In her previous radio show on Blogtalk Radio and CBS NewSky Radio, The Movement Within, April has taught her listeners (a.k.a. her Spirit Posse) how to move from fear to love and live happier lives. April is currently a co-host alongside her husband, Braxton Roane, on Infinite Spirit Radio on Tuesday nights 7pm EST.  

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